Meet the Double Do-Gooders: Jamey

We are lucky to work with some of the most awesome people we’ve ever met. People like BrittMikeTracy, EboneKyleJudyRussDanielleTim, and Annie make Double Good a better company and the world a better place. And we’re always looking for more awesome people to join our team.

This week, we want you to meet our girl Jamey.


Tell us something cool about you.
I write poetry, and I’m currently working on my first book — wish me luck! I perform at open mics quite a lot, even though I have a speech impediment. My stutter doesn’t stop me from sharing my passion.

Why did you want to work at Double Good? 
I really wanted a job where I could go home every night and feel like I made a difference. With Double Good, I don’t just feel like an office drone; I feel like someone who matters and also helps others feel the same way. It’s a great feeling.

What do you do at Double Good?
I am the Culture & Events Specialist. If you’ve seen the Office, think of me as Pam (receptionist, office administrator, and event planner).

What’s been your favorite Double Good moment?
I was able to spend a morning with the cooks helping them make popcorn. Being able to go “behind the scenes” and help make our product was really special. All the guys and gals back there do such hard work, I got a work out back there honestly.

If you could shout any team member, who would it be and why?
I would shout out Russ. He goes out of his way to say hi to me at the front desk every day, and tells me bye and to drive safely when he leaves.

What was your most recent act of kindness?
Every day that I get Starbucks, I buy a sandwich and hot cocoa for the man that sits on the street corner.

Who inspires you?
Kim Biondi inspires me. She is an empowering and encouraging strong female presence that I think every young woman like me needs. I aspire to have her grace and wit.*

Complete this sentence: I feel most empowered when…
I see that the result of my actions are smiles from those around me.

Complete this sentence: Equality to me means…
that everyone has the freedom to be themselves without judgement.

What would you do if you had an extra hour in the day?
Spend time with my cat.


*Kim Biondi is indeed amazing. She also happens to be a Double Do-Gooder.

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