Fire Breathing Dragons Fly to Destination Imagination

2019 Globals Fire Breathing Dragons

Extracurricular programs are awesome. They round out kids’ educational experience, helping to connect knowledge with understanding. Destination Imagination is a global competition that does just that, putting creative problem solving at the forefront of an intense contest for kids from elementary school all the way through college.    

More than 8,000 students from all over the world travelled to the Destination Imagination Global Finals in Kansas City, MO in May to compete in a variety of events, from Science and Engineering to Fine Art and Improvisation, all focused on out-of-the-box thinking.  

2019 Globals Opening Ceremony

This year, Sahana and her Hinsdale, IL team, who prefer to be know as the Fire Breathing Dragons, returned to the Global Finals for the second straight year by qualifying in the Engineering challenge at the regional level. Their task for the big event? The Fire Breathing Dragons built an ultralight (175 grams) support system from a limited range of materials that can hold extremely heavy loads (think hundreds of pounds). It also needed to be monster-themed and have special effects 🤯

2019 Illinois Affiliate TournamentWhile it’s great to be able to compete with the best teams from around the world, getting involved can be expensive. Sahana’s mom Gopi estimated that it costs somewhere between $700-$1000 per student to participate in the Global Finals. “Between travel, hotels, and eating out at restaurants, plus the event itself, it really adds up,” Gopi said.

That’s a lot of financial strain to put on parents, or cash-strapped school budgets, and that’s where Double Good comes in. The Fire Breathing Dragons were surprised when they easily raised more than they expected to help get the squad to Kansas City… Where they took on the world, as they were born to do 🐉🔥  

2019 Globals Instant Challenge TADA

Got your own team that needs to cover travel costs? We got you.

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