How Dynasty Volleyball Club Covers Travel Costs

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Kansas City’s Dynasty Volleyball Club is one of the largest and most prominent sports organizations in the nation. But even at the top-tier of youth sports, many athletes struggle to cover the cost of travel, trainer fees, referee dues, and even more practical necessities, such as shoes and uniforms. Participation is important, but it’s not cheap.

Currently, there exists an unfortunate pay-to-play model, which can make it difficult for many deserving young athletes to get involved. Dynasty Volleyball understands this, and besides their fundraising work with Double Good, the club has developed its own programs and scholarships for promising athletes.

Erin Cecil is a team mom, and like most team moms, she’s all too familiar with fundraising. With three national qualifiers on her daughter’s 13U Dynasty Volleyball competition schedule, Erin was looking for help raising money for travel costs.

“After looking for ideas online and not really coming up with something that was quick, easy for me to set up, and could really maximize what a family could earn, a family came to me who just completed a Double Good fundraiser for their other daughter’s cheer team,” Erin said.

“I will admit it all seemed too good to be true; too easy to set up, too easy to earn money, and just too easy to get the money to each family. But I gave it a try and set up the team. The next thing I knew, several families were able to raise all or half of their additional fees by doing this fundraiser.”


The competition should be a challenge; raising the money to get there shouldn’t. Thousands of teams across the country just like Dynasty are raising money for jerseys, field time, travel, and equipment. Youth sports are supposed to be fun, but without these necessities, too many kids can only watch and wish from the sidelines. That’s why we exist — to reduce the costs for families and level the playing field, so to speak.

“Double Good really helped families out this season. I actually recommend it to anyone who tells me they are looking for a good fundraiser.”
—Erin Cecil


Have your own team that needs to cover expenses? We got you.

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