How Pop Warner Odell Eagles Covered Costs with a Few Clicks

There are plenty of words commonly used to describe fundraising: awkward, confusing, difficult, and time-consuming are some good ones. Never “easy,” though. But more on that in a minute.  


Messiah Davis is ten-years old and plays safety for the Odell Eagles Pop Warner Mitey Mites in Concord, North Carolina. Like all youth sports teams, the Eagles need money for new equipment and field maintenance, not to mention travel expenses for regional tournaments at the end of the season. And like so many of us, his mom, Eugina Lewis, has been through the fundraising wringer before. Plus, she and her family are new to the area and she works from home. That means fewer daily opportunities to interact with coworkers and neighbors to drum up sales. 

IMG_7316And that’s exactly what the Eagles didn’t do. They didn’t go door-to-door or pass brochures around the office or handle any product. They did their fundraiser all online.

“It was extremely easy,” Eugina said. “I usually don’t do fundraisers; I usually just give the money… This was really easy, because I just created a link with a picture and sent it out directly by text, over email, and with social media. I didn’t have to worry about reaching family that isn’t around here.”

Just like that. A few quick steps and she raised the money she needed to help the Eagles and keep her kid in the game. More than one-thousand dollars, in fact.

It turns out fundraising can be easy. How can Double Good make your life easier?

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