Pop Warner Southwest Austin Dawgs Do Post-Fundraiser Dab

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 1.27.08 PMThis is not Tiffany Hall’s first fundraising rodeo. In the past five years with the Pop Warner Southwest Austin Dogs, she’s done her fair share of fundraising. What’s different this year, though, is that they exceeded every goal they set and sold $25,656 with 50% coming back to their organization.

“It’s just so easy. That’s what we love about it,” Tiffany said. “And we love that we can sell to grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles in California and Florida. I know my family in other states always want to help my kids and support them, so this fundraiser is perfect.”

As the President of the Southwest Austin Dawgs (or as we call her, Top Dawg), Tiffany no longer has any kids in the program, but she formed great bonds with so many of the families over the four years her son played. Most of the Dawgs’ volunteers are parents who devote their time to making the association successful.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 1.20.13 PM“We have amazing volunteers. Amazing. If we didn’t have the volunteers, there’s no way we’ve kept this program going,” she said. “Because we’re not out having to sell door-to-door or spending our weekends selling, we’re able to spend more time with our family and friends. We’ve been able to spend more time at practices.”

The Dawgs far surpassed any expectations they had for their fundraiser and have only just begun to ask themselves what they could do with all the extra funds their families have raised.

“I can’t even thank everyone enough. I am beyond blessed and grateful for everyone who’s buying popcorn from our kids. Whether they’re buying one bag or five bags. One-hundred percent of this money goes back into our program,” Tiffany said. “We are going to have an awesome year-end banquet, I know that. And this will definitely provide more scholarship opportunities for next season. We’re very thankful for that.”

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