How to Raise Funds With Zero Stress


As a cheer mom for her daughter’s team at Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep in Chicago, Brenda Hamler didn’t expect that that she would be welcoming a new baby to the family. Nor did she anticipate that the sudden, doctor-ordered bed rest brought on by preeclampsia would interfere with the commitment she’d made to the team.

Preeclampsia is a potentially serious condition that can sneak up during pregnancy, seemingly out of nowhere. It results in dangerously high blood pressure and clotting, impairment of renal functions, seizures, and potential harm to the unborn child. Brenda’s willingness to sacrifice for the girls’ opportunity was challenged by the limitations of her treatment. Rest, no stress, and “not much moving around” is what she had to work with — but then she found Double Good.

“[The app] was so easy to use, even my dad could use it,” she said with a laugh. “When I found out about Double Good, I knew I definitely was going to do it the best I can.”

brenda2She successfully organized and ran an entire fundraiser while under strict orders to minimize stress and physical activity. Brenda and the team sold $6,870, with 50% coming back to the team. 

Brenda loves seeing the girls compete against the very best competition, and they need the funds do it. She attributes her daughter’s self-reliance and sufficiency to cheer, although it’s also not hard to see that she got some of it from her incredible mom, too. 

Commitment and hard work can overcome a great many things in life, and it’s clear that Brenda is willing to do whatever it takes to give her daughter’s team every chance to succeed. While it helps that Double Good’s fundraising model takes much of the heavy lifting out of the hands of customers, when it is in the hands of a person like Brenda Hamler, anything is possible. 

What can Double Good help you make possible?


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