It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time

After months and months of anticipation.  

After distressed cries from people in all corners of our great nation.  

After rumors, speculation, and woefully inaccurate forecasts…

It’s finally happening, folks, so get your popcorn.

Which is to say, get your chocolate-drizzled popcorn from Double Good, because:




Untitled design (6)

That’s right, the wait is over.  

It’s time to satisfy your cravings with the heartwarming crunch you can only get when it’s cool. Don’t get us wrong. We love summer. It’s great. We live for pool parties. But there’s always the siren song of our soul that yearns for the things we can’t have. All through the long, hot summer we’ve wondered: “Why can’t we have It’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Time or Paint it Milk Chocolate?”

The answer is simple, really. Chocolate gets uncontrollably melty when it’s hot (check out the Great British Baking Show if you have any questions about that). Because we don’t load our popcorn with stabilizers or chemicals, there’s nothing stopping it from becoming a big bag of melted disappointment in the mail. 

But don’t worry — all of that is behind us, because starting now, your favorite chocolate-drizzled handfuls are back. Get a bag for yourself. Before they’re gone… again.  

Fifty percent of every dollar you spend with Double Good goes to the Double Good Kids Foundation to provide equipment, education, and experiences to kids with special needs.

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