How to Craft Your Fundraising Pitch


Raising money doesn’t have to be hard. Check out these tips and see what’s possible with Double Good.  

Make it personal
Every person you reach out to, whether by email, text, or social media, has some sort of connection to the kids. Remind them of that by giving your fundraiser a face… the cuter the better. Then, let supporters know how happy Lisa was when she danced on stage for the first time. Or how excited Jeremy was when he broke the team’s touchdown record. When people feel the joy that sports and activities bring to kids, they’ll line up to help out. But they don’t need to…

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Make it easy
With the technology at our disposal, it’s easier than ever to connect with friends and family far and wide. Set up your fundraiser online and spread the word on social media, playing it up with countdowns and photos. Folks won’t even need to put down their phone to help out. Supporters can just click the link to buy directly, and we’ll ship it for you.

Make it a win-win
You’ve tried the stuff, so you know — the popcorn is awesome. But for your supporters, it’s not about that. They aren’t buying a snack, and you aren’t selling one. Not really. You’re helping kids, together. Let them know how they’re helping and remind them why it’s important. New uniforms? Scholarships? Travel expenses? If they feel the “why” they’ll buy.   

What can Double Good help you make possible?

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