How to Hype Your Fundraiser


Fundraising doesn’t have to be hard. In our time popping corn and raising dough with teams, schools, and organizations all over the country, we’ve learned a few things. Here are our favorite tricks to help motivate your crew to keep the cash rolling in.

Lead with the ‘why’
If your team understands why they’re raising money, they’ll stay focused. So, give them the motivation they need right from the jump. If you need new uniforms, show off the new design. Do the fields need maintenance? New sound system in the dance studio? Whatever it is that will make your team better, make it clear and you’ll have a gung-ho gang of fundraisers out there crushing it. This central “why” should be a key part of everyone’s messaging, whether that’s online or IRL.

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Get social
Help everyone start out on the right foot by getting them ready for the big “first blast” on social media. Make sure everyone has pictures to capture eyeballs and links to their Pop-Up Store so buying is a breeze. Eugina Lewis, the proud mom of an Odell Eagles safety told us her simple strategy for getting the Eagles’ message out: 

I just created a link with a picture and sent it out directly by text, over email, and with social media. I didn’t have to worry about reaching family that isn’t around here.”

Make it personal
Mass posts to Facebook will often get the job done, but we’ve found it’s better to send personal messages to the people you already know want to support you and see you win. Share with them your ‘why’ and how they can help. After all, they’re not really ordering popcorn — they’re helping you do amazing things.

What’s your why?

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