How The Pop Warner Harvey Colts Do Great Things

The key to our long-standing success is community and dreams.


Laramie Bruce has been involved with the Harvey Colts for most of her life. She was a cheerleader with the team for many years as a young lady. Her uncles played on the football team, just like NFL greats Antwaan Randel-EL and Napoleon Harris. Laramie’s aunts were cheerleaders, too. It’s a family affair, but family is everything to the Harvey Colts Football, Cheer, and Dance Team. 

colts3“We don’t live in the best neighborhood. These children can become victims of circumstance, and we don’t want any more violence or our children falling into the stereotypes,” Laramie said. “This gives these boys a positive outlet that gives them hope. This gives fathers something positive to do, and gives kids a father’s guidance. As mothers, we make sure these babies get the love and nurturing they need. As an organization, we try our best to make sure all the children we coach and mentor learn something from us, and once they’re older, they can use the skills we teach to do great things.”

Laramie and her community in Harvey, IL used Double Good to raise a lot of money for their kids. Some of it will go towards national competitions in places like Orlando, and some will be used to purchase new equipment for all of the squads, boys and girls of every age. “They work hard, and they deserve it,” Laramie said.

colts2Double Good loves to help, but so often it’s much more than just money or time saved. “We didn’t have to worry about wrong orders or anything. We were able to practice and congregate as we do. Stress free!”

The best part, according to Laramie, is how easy it all was. “It was CONVENIENT!!!! I loved it,” she said. “All I did was post it to my social media accounts, with a little spiel of what we were fundraising for, and people were buying in no time.”

Programs with half a decade of positive impact like the Harvey Colts, with a focus on helping young athletes thrive off their involvement in youth sports and positive role models are without comparison. Just like Laramie Bruce.

What can Double Good help you make possible?

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