Fundraise Like the Champs, Rancho Cucamonga Pop Warner


Nellie Maauga is Team Mom for the Mitey Mites Division of Rancho Cucamonga Pop Warner. For her and everyone else involved, the focus is on much more than merely what happens between the white lines of the football field. 

“Our purpose is to show that giving back can put a smile on someone else’s face and give them hope,” Nellie said. She and her fellow team parents have put a great deal of emphasis on their boys becoming complete people, young men who recognize the value of giving back. “We have donated clothing to local thrift stores and served food at local shelters,” she said. “It gives our boys a great experience to help those in need.”

These efforts developed a proud culture of altruism and philanthropy. Whether or not the team’s performance is related, it’s also a point of pride. Perhaps the team accrued sufficient karma because the Mitey Mites went undefeated this season. Maybe it was the bonds of loyalty within the team, or maybe it was the tireless coaching, support, and training each player received. Either way, they won. A lot.

Every part of this team helped create an undefeated season, according to Nellie. Working with Double Good, though, was an opportunity to acknowledge the commitment and fortitude displayed by the boys.

“Double Good helped us tremendously. It [was] easier and saved a lot of time. My only regret is not hearing about it at the beginning of the season,” Nellie said. “Some of these boys go through things outside of football. Seeing them work their butts off doing something they love makes me want to give them everything they deserve.”

With the money raised, the team will have extra resources to do just that. They will be able to attend bowl games and be awarded trophies at an end-of-season banquet.

Winning is good, but helping others is great. Find out how Double Good can help you.

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