How to Make Your Dreams Come True with Stephanie Radovich

stephanie's dance shoppe

Stephanie Radovich always seemed to know what she wanted in life. She still has an essay from grade school which pretty much predicted the future: “I think dance may be my career someday,” wrote 11-year-old Stephanie.

Hibbing, Minnesota is her hometown. It’s a small place of about 16,000 residents, and the next generation of aspiring dancers living there have the opportunity to pursue their dreams because of Stephanie’s Dance Shoppe. 

After teaching dance for 28 years and fulfilling her childhood dream, Stephanie made a point of paying it forward. Her passion for dance and local ties means Stephanie Radovich is an integral part of her town’s performing arts scene, and working with Double Good presented a perfect opportunity.

“DG is easy to set up, easy to sell, and easy to use,” Stephanie said. While she was at the Energize Convention in Chicago, IL, Stephanie met some folks from Double Good and instantly knew it was for her. Hibbing is remote, according to Stephanie, so the money they raised helps them to expand their travel and competition opportunities. 

“It is such an honor to be able to serve the children of my community,” she said. “I feel like my community truly values what my team provides. We treat each child as if they are our own, and try to create an environment where every child feels safe to be creative, pushed to strive for their best, and cared for by everyone!”

What can Double Good help you do for your team?

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