How Science Olympiad Gives Kids Purpose

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Science Olympiad has been a part of The Chalker Family lifestyle since 1991. 

“I saw the value in Science Olympiad for all students. I especially love to see the growth in students as they move through Science Olympiad if they stay with it from 6th – 12th grade, and how it leads them on to success in their adult lives.”

CeAnn has seen the impact of Science Olympiad first hand with her four children. After her two youngest kids watched their older siblings take part in high school competitions, their awesome mom started a middle school team in 1996 in their hometown of Centerville, OH. 

“I could talk for hours about Science Olympiad,” CeAnn said. “The program teaches not only advanced STEM lessons but also teaches life skills, such as finding different fields of interest, research, perseverance, interpersonal relationships, working as a team, and realizing that as smart as you are there is always more to learn. As coaches, we find that if we tap the students’ interest in deeper content areas, they blossom beyond our expectations.”

Although her involvement created success for her own children — some of whom are still involved with Science Olympiad — CeAnn Chalker takes pride in the opportunities Science Olympiad has created for so many kids in her community. 

It helps, though, when people like CeAnn and her kids give their time and energy. CeAnn was able to use the money raised with Double Good to help four local teams enter and compete in Science Olympiad tournaments. A grant from the Double Good Kids Foundation is helping to create even more opportunity through Elementary Science Olympiad For All, an adaptation of the program that includes kids with disabilities. You can get involved and learn more here.

What can Double Good help you make possible?

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